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AI in business trends are set to transform business operations in 2022

Artificial intelligence is thriving in all kinds of businesses in the last few years. There have been multiple speculations about business trends in 2022 with the integration of AI in business. Trends of AI in business are essential to know for business owners to drive higher revenues with better customer engagement while gaining a competitive edge. Thus, let’s get to know about some of the top AI in business trends to look out for in 2022. 

Top AI in business trends in 2022

Artificial intelligence in real-time video processing

The integration of artificial intelligence in real-time video processing is one of the top AI in business trends in 2022. There is a challenge in processing real-time video streams to handle data pipelines efficiently and effectively. Thus, AI in business is needed to be implemented for a pre-trained neural network model, a software layer, and a cloud infrastructure to enhance real-time streaming. There can be a use of artificial intelligence algorithms to process video in real-time without any error and complex issues. 

Emergence of Generative AI

One of the business trends in 2022 with the integration of artificial intelligence is the emergence of generative AI. Organizations need Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) to create images including objects, human beings, animals, and much more indistinguishable from human-produced ones. This AI in business trend can model real-time data distributions as well as learn helpful representations for enhancing the artificial intelligence pipelines with real-world cases.

Use of AI inspection

One of the top functionalities of AI in business is in the form of AI inspection. It is connected with the immense growth in the field of object detection in video frames, especially for warehouses and retail stores. This AI in business trends can help in the analysis of products with compliance and quality standards— identifying defects and baggage screening.

Enhanced edge intelligence

Enhanced edge intelligence is one of the top trends of AI in business to establish closed-loop actions for keeping business operations in the most optimal operating environment. Businessowners will identify the need for the integration of edge intelligence in a business to reduce adverse effects in the nearby future. Edge intelligence will help in continuous assessment and predict potential risks to provide sufficient time for creating a solution and eliminate the risk as soon as possible.

Increase in AutoML libraries

AutoML libraries are growing at an increasing rate to compare machine learning models and help in selecting the best one as per the business requirements. It helps to deploy these models to provide faster and in-depth insights efficiently about market trends, consumer behaviour, and many more. There are multiple AutoML libraries from different companies that can help a business in multiple ways in the nearby future to gain a competitive edge. 

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