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November 2, 2021

Machine Learning Bootcamps

The finest machine learning boot camps assist students in expanding their knowledge and developing career-related abilities. Students benefit from boot camps because they get real-world experience. People who wish to start a career in digital technology or advance their job chances in the AI business should learn these crucial concepts.

Top 10 Machine Learning Bootcamps


Cost: US$3,250

Program: Machine learning

Location: Online, New York City, Vancouver, Toronto

If you’re looking for ML classes, BrainStation is a great place to start. The school teaches students, business leaders, and people the skills they need to excel in the technology sector.

You have the option of attending one of the school’s campuses or taking the curriculum entirely online. You can choose between a diploma, a certification, or a training course. The lecturers will show you how to put various machine learning ideas into practice.

Based on your schedule, you can finish the courses part-time or full-time. The adaptable curriculum will assist you in gaining a thorough technical grasp of machine learning.


Cost: US$2,380

Program: Machine learning

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

CoderSchool is a hands-on capstone project-based full-stack and ML Bootcamp. Full-time and part-time education options are available at the institution.

This is a widely sought course that has been carefully crafted to make it as accessible as possible to anybody who is interested. The Bootcamp will teach you the essentials of machine learning and Python programming. This is a full-time program with lessons from 10 AM to 6 PM every day. Weekend sessions are also offered.

Great Learning

Cost: US$2,400 – US$3,500

Program: AI and ML

Location: Singapore

Great Learning seeks to assist graduates in developing abilities that are relevant to their field. Students from all around the world are drawn to its wide placement program. A job posting portal and a career help team are available to graduates and students.

The university provides a wide range of machine learning and artificial intelligence courses. The program was created to assist ambitious engineers in advancing their careers in the sector. The program provides you with practical experience and important tools to help you fine-tune your approach to the job market.

JUMP by Cognixia

Cost: N/A

Program: Machine learning

Location: Dallas, Jersey City

Cognixia offers students the chance to learn from and train with industry professionals. The platform focuses on teaching students how to negotiate real-world IT scenarios through career-oriented courses.

JUMP by Cognixia offers not only necessary learning materials but also training sessions. Immersive lessons are taught by industry-experienced professors on the platform. Students have the opportunity to practice real-life soft skills and enhance their interpersonal abilities.


Cost: US$18,000

Program: Machine learning

Location: Online

Metis provides intensive boot camps to assist students to get the skills they need to succeed in the IT sector.

Students may learn more about ML through the school’s professional training programs. The goal of the school is for students to master both the fundamentals and higher levels of their chosen career path. The short immersion courses are a great approach to learning about this fascinating subject.

Capital One, Google, and Facebook are just a few of the top-rated firms with whom the institution has ties.


Cost: US$6,000

Program: Data science

Location: Toronto

Pragra is known for assisting students in expanding their knowledge and abilities. The classes include both academic and practical components, allowing students to obtain practical experience.

Pragra offers a program that will help students improve their abilities and knowledge. Professional networking services are also available to link students with possible employment. Intensive training programs, career counseling, and practice interviews make it easy for graduates to get work.

Machine learning courses include the fundamentals, models, and tools of the field. You’ll be able to introduce a programming language to your résumé thanks to the school-based program’s usage of Python.


Cost: US$7,940

Program: Machine learning

Location: Online

This is an online course that provides students with an intense curriculum to help them build their digital abilities. Any of the courses may be readily applied for online.

Springboard features a respected mentor-guided ML engineering curriculum that delivers the hands-on experience. The classes are essential for anybody interested in studying the fundamentals of machine learning techniques. You’ll learn Python and other programming languages.

Tech Talent South

Cost: N/A

Program: Machine learning

Location: Online

Tech Talent South is an excellent place to learn important technical skills. For students interested in pursuing a career in technology or starting their own business, the institution comes highly recommended.

This full-time program will help you broaden your knowledge and improve your business abilities. The course will teach you how to leverage tools and procedures to produce data-driven outcomes. You’ll learn how to apply big data and prescriptive modeling in your organization.

The Data Incubator

Cost: US$1,695

Program: Artificial intelligence

Location: Online, Washington, DC, San Francisco, and New York City

Students who are interested in STEM can take courses at the Data Incubator. Students will have the opportunity to hone their abilities and expand their knowledge base.

Deep learning, machine intelligence, TensorFlow, and genetic algorithms will all be covered in this course. You may become an expert in a short period of time by taking this one-month part-time course.

Students can apply for fellowships at Data Incubator to make it easier for them to find work. An initiative is a great approach for tech firms to find fresh talent in the industry. If you are hired after your fellowship, the recruiting firm will even pay for your tuition.


Cost: US$718 – US$1,077

Program: AI Programming with Python

Location: Online

Online courses in machine learning, automation, and blockchain technology are available through Udacity. The platform offers students an immersive learning environment with interactive information.

The course will teach you the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, programming tools, and important neural network approaches. By understanding basic AI ideas, courses for aspiring program managers will assist you in evaluating the value of company goods. You’ll learn how to create a data collection and examine its commercial effect.


If you want a professional with a lot of potentials, you should study machine learning. AI developers make between US$78,000 and US$150,000 annually, according to Udacity.

Web developers, computer programmers, digital marketers, data analysts, and data scientists all utilize artificial intelligence on a regular basis. You will be qualified for a position in machine learning, AI research, business analytics, data science, big data, software development, or robotics if you gain cutting-edge AI abilities.

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