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SHIJIAZHUANG, China, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The opinions of experts on “Study on Anti-aging with Bazi Bushen Capsules Guided by Qi Collateral Theory” were released in Shijiazhuang, Hebei on December 15.

According to the opinions, the preliminary research of the project has created the theory of essence, qi and spirit based on the qi collateral theory for the first time, and formed a new idea for study on anti-aging. Yiling Pharmaceutical researched and developed a patented traditional Chinese medicine “Bazi Bushen Capsules”, this medicine is expected to become a representative Chinese patent medicine for anti-aging effect of TCM.

As pointed out by their opinions, aging not only refers to the decline of body function, but also is one of the important pathogenic factors resulting in multisystem senile diseases. The aging mechanism and the traditionally recognized risk factors of diseases affect each other, and jointly play a role in the pathological and physiological process in the onset and development of senile diseases, which thus severely threaten the health and lives of people.

Based on the theory of essence, qi and spirit, this study has learnt from the excellent TCM practices in medication for over two thousand years. Bazi Bushen Capsules as a whole can prevent aging by tonifying essence to boost qi, replenishing qi to boost spirit, and nourishing body and spirit. As proved by the preliminary experiments and clinical studies, the Bazi Bushen Capsules feature the advantages in preventing and treating overall aging, systemic aging and aging-related diseases.

As shown by the opinions, for the next step, the proposed study plan will focus on the TCM from the literature, basic and clinical researches for implementation of interdisciplinary researches. It proposes to interpret the scientific connotation of the theory of essence, qi and spirit based on qi collateral theory and the anti-aging mechanism from overall, systematic, organ, cell and other levels, and tries hard to make clear the role of the mutual influence between aging mechanism and risk factors in the onset of senile diseases. In addition, it should also propose new strategies for the prevention and treatment of premature senility and the intervention in diseases induced by premature senility, and provide new theories and ideas for prevention and treatment of senile diseases, which will be of great scientific value and strategic significance in facilitating longevity with quality of life.

SOURCE Yiling Pharmaceutical

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