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AI stock trading software

List of best AI stock trading software in 2021

Over the past decades, the world is growing up with evolving technology. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, robotics, etc are changing the traditional world into a whole new digital world. There is nothing that all these technologies can’t do. Technology has access to all, starting from self-driving cars, robot assistants, agro robots to cancer treatment methods and patient monitoring.  Nevertheless, technology is also changing the world of stock trading. As machines are emotionless, they can make faster and effective decisions than humans. It is because of modern technology, especially artificial intelligence, that stock trading has become more advanced and professional. Take a look at the top AI stock trading software for 2021.


It is the most advanced and simulated trading platform. Through this platform, you can learn how to trade if you are a beginner and invest without risking your money. It helps you to navigate the stock market. Trade-Ideas software uses AI to help traders find the best setups in the existing market. It scans the market and provides you with insights and real-time updates for accurate decision-making.

Trend Spider

This platform has evolved into the most comprehensive technical analysis software on the market. It offers a fully customizable automation engine on a charting platform. Trend Spider researches the market data and transforms it into actionable and meaningful insights.

Its cloud-based AI integrates the powers of chart-watching with backtesting and technical analysis. It provides you with insights to make effective and informed decisions and also a platform on which you can ensure the strength of your strategy based on historical data.


Personal Investors can harness the power of EquBot AI to transform data into better investment outcomes through AI Powered ETFs (exchange-traded funds). EquBot uses AI to analyze news articles from all corners of the world. It also analyzes the events in the social media world and keeps you updated with financial statements being released by key organizations.

Imperative Execution Inc.

It designs markets that reduce friction in connecting buyers and sellers, enabling them to improve the quality of their execution and minimize their market footprint. IntelligentCross is one of its latest innovations which is known for its advanced risk alleviation strategies.

Other than IntelligentCross, there’s another system called ASPEN which is a bid or offer book. It’s created to serve a deeper understanding of the bid or offer book.

Infinite Alpha

The world of cryptocurrencies is growing and expanding and therefore being a trader or investor would be difficult to keep up with the trend and values. But no worries with Infinite Alpha. The software serves you with a detailed analysis of crypto-asset trading. It helps you in maintaining the security and transparency of blockchain technology while taking advantage of the crypto market.


It provides one of the first live trading rooms on the Web. TechTrader offers two helpful services i.e. chat room services and a trading alert system. This trading alert system is created to serve insights that would be helpful to swing traders. It also provides a service like a ‘lossless algorithm’. The algorithm is to diminish trading risk by following the current market strategies.


Provided you have a little bit of experience in trading you can design executable strategies by typing out your ideas or using the standardized modules provided by Algoriz. You can test your algos using various sources of data on Algoriz’s simulated matching engine. It includes commission and slippage models to provide you with more accurate results. This would be a good AI system to use especially if you have a working strategy. All Algoriz would do is automate your strategy ensuring that you can take advantage of market movements around the clock.


It is an AI-driven platform meant for investors with any level of experience. It uses augmented intelligence to manage wealth and generate alpha by doing more with less. The system automatically analyzes a large number of data points using that information to keep you updated with filings and stock quotes. The Kavout product catalog includes K Score, Momentum, Value, Growth, Quality. All those catalogs involve data from various measurable datasets like the K-Score, Price Momentum Factor, G-Score, Profitability Trend, and the Quality factor.

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