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People, raw materials, energy, air, water

Let’s push things forward!
”to produce high quality, state of the art fashion products, that inspire and support the young in their desired change of the present situation, while respecting our planet, its resources and all its life.“

PREACH - Project Earth, 2021-08

The conception as well as the design and the development of the products represent the first component of the supply chain.Especially in this part it is really important to put sustainability in the focus alongside the unique selling point of design. The main goal is to design and develop products that can be made from sustainable materials and colored and printed in an environmentally friendly manner.

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For us it’s about five elements. Paying them respect and using them carefully along the entire supply chain is considered the foundation and base of all our operations, being aware that we are not even close to the things we demand. We consider this change a constant work-in-progress.

PREACH - Project Earth, 2021-08


Attending school. Going to work. Living our daily routine without thinking outside of our boxes. But there are more people than the ones close to us. People, who cannot experience the level of security and institutional support as we do. It should never be you or them, only us.

PREACH - Project Earth, 2021-08

Raw materials

More. At all costs. We tend to see the short term profit, but forget to think further. everything needs to be immediate and we lose sight of what will be tomorrow. About growing fast instead of sustainable. But who is really paying for that?

PREACH - Project Earth, 2021-08


Breathe in. Breathe out. We take the fresh air surrounding us for granted. It’s up to us to keep it this way. ‘Cause you don’t want to cough while breathing, do you?

PREACH - Project Earth, 2021-08


Whether drinking, showering or cooking, clean water is the base for our day to day lives. But it’s limited. not recognizable for us but for many others. Decreasing the waste and pollution of water is the least we can do. ‘Cause you don’t want to be the one drinking polluted water, do you?

PREACH - Project Earth, 2021-08


Light, as soon as we flip the switch. power, available whenever we press the button. Taking such things for granted, we tend to waste precious energy. That energy comes at a cost, not only covered by the bills we pay. But who is paying the debt?

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