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Pueblo Community College will be the first school in Colorado to offer the AI for Workforce program, which includes more than 225 hours of artificial intelligence-related courses.

Curriculum provided through the AI for Workforce program may be used by community colleges to enhance existing coursework, create certificate programs, or institute full associate degree programs, according to Intel.

PCC plans to create certificate and associate’s degree programs in AI that will be available in 2023, according to Mike Krakow, PCC computer information systems manager.

“AI is in everything,” Krakow said. “It’s in smartphones. It’s in cars. It’s in health care. It’s in cybersecurity. There is going to be a shortage of these types of skills as far as the workforce.”

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As automation finds its way into more industries, some jobs will be lost while others will be created, Krakow said.

In Colorado, AI-related jobs may include machine learning engineers — who work in IT and focus on researching, building and designing self-running artificial intelligence —  data scientists, business intelligence developers and jobs in natural language processing.

The upcoming AI for Workforce certificate and associate’s degree programs at PCC will seek to serve a wide range of students, not just those who have a background in Computer Information Systems. The program would begin with introductory courses for AI.

“It’s really starting at a level where they don’t have to have any programming skills or coding skills,” Krakow said. “They just have to have basic math and statistics skills to get in the program.”

In addition to the Intel curriculum, Krakow said PCC is in the process of designing eight courses related to AI and machine learning.

Studying artificial intelligence at PCC, students may learn about programming languages including Python, design thinking systems, data import and processing, using AI for statistical data, data acquisition, data exploration, creating a chatbot and the ethics of AI.

“This new automated, artificial intelligence economy that is really already here, I think it’s just going to rapidly advance in the next five-to-ten years,” Krakow said. “You are going to see a lot of developments.”

The artificial intelligence certificate and associate’s degree programs will be available to high school concurrent enrollment students in addition to those who have already received a high school diploma or its equivalent.

PCC is also exploring possible partnerships with local high schools to offer artificial intelligence programs to high school students through the Colorado Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools program, Krakow said.

“This possibly could be a program that could be basically free to a high school student,” Krakow said. “With P-TECH, there’s funding to support a two-year degree. This could be a pathway if we found partners… that could be at no expense to a student who wanted to pursue this.”

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