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The new N1 features Rebeccatech’s patented radio-frequency microelectromechanical system (RFMEMS), technology that was developed through a research partnership with the University of California at Irvine and National Science Foundation i-corps program in 2019.  The advanced RFMEMS technology uses hundreds of microelectrodes that work together to create an electromagnetic field capable of reaching 2-3 mm beneath the skin, with zero burning, heating or discomfort.

The N1 has 384 independent titanium MICRO-RF dots (128 more than the previous model).  The finer MICRO-RF dots allow for more precise delivery of the RF energy in an elliptical egg-shaped energy field that optimizes the polarity of the energy between the top and bottom of the epidermis.  The result is better skin tightening, erasing and lightning – achieving clearer jaw lines, nasal folds, crows feet and forehead wrinkles. 

Further enhancing the N1’s delivery of RF energy to the skin is that all of the MICRO-RF dots have both embedded RF energy and feedback sensors.  The dots deliver precise RF energy to the skin at the depth of the corium layer while the feedback sensors can detect and maintain the optimal temperature for the skin, allowing users to keep your skin’s natural shield.  The ability to maintain a comfortable temperature also allows for sensitive skin users to use the N1 without worry while also allowing busy users to take and use the N1 on the go.  Now you can easily keep up with your routine – anywhere, anytime. 

The upgraded black enamel RF panel adds increased surface area while providing increased skin comfort and temperature control. The larger surface area of the RF panel contributes to better results for reducing facial edema, lightning under eye bags, shrinking facial pores and even lightening stretch marks – perfect for post pregnancy recovery. 

N1 Key Features:

  • Patented RFMEMS radio frequency delivery
  • 384 Independent titanium MIRCO-RF dots
  • Ceramic enameled RF panel
  • 120 MHz intelligent chipset for optimal thermal control
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Nebulyft dedicated Mobile APP (iOS)
  • Bathroom friendly IP67 water resistance
  • One-touch button with LED for intelligent treatment control & monitoring
  • Vibration and sound alerts for easy mode switching & powering on/off

“We are thrilled to release the N1 as it takes us one step closer to our goal to create the ultimate anti-aging solution,” says Arthur Zhang, CEO of Nebulyft corporate.  “Better results in less time means the N1 delivers professional results at home or on the go, giving our users supreme flexibility and professional results,” he added. 

The N1 retails for $799 on the Nebulyft website.  For more information on the N1 please visit here or connect with Nebulyft on Facebook

About Rebeccatech
Founded in 2015, when business professionals who aspired to make skincare treatment effective and safe met with scientists and bio-engineers who specialized in radio-frequency microelectromechanical system (RFMEMS) technology at the University of California, Irvine. Traditional high-temperature RF treatments are mainly used at skin care clinics under the supervision of a professional, with “down-time” over two weeks. The Rebeccatech team strives to make a non-invasive solution for everyday use. Supported partially by a National Science Foundation I-corp program, over 300 clinical trials were conducted with successful rejuvenation results. We are changing lives one step at a time, with our small but fierce devices.

CONTACT: Ari Morguelan, [email protected]

SOURCE Nebulyft

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