Minister Andrijanič: South-East Slovenia is one of Europe’s high-tech industry hubs | GOV.SI –

“South-East Slovenia is like a little Germany. Businesses are highly digitalised and globalised, which brings great advantages and challenges,” said Minister Andrijanič at the start of his visit to the region, adding that the region also had smaller technology companies linked to industrial giants.

Minister Andrijanič started his visit at Yaskawa Europe Robotics, which was established in 2017 as a subsidiary of Yaskawa Europe GmbH and Yaskawa Europe Holding AB. Based in Eschborn, Germany, Yaskawa Europe provides mechatronics and robotics solutions to companies across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and CIS countries. The town of Kočevje has now become one of high-tech industry hubs in Europe with its smart factory for state-of-the-art robot production. During his visit to Yaskawa, the Minister expressed his delight at Yaskawa’s vision to pursue its goals for a smarter future through advanced technologies. “Automation and robotics contribute to greater productivity and competitiveness in the global marketplace, while improving our wellbeing, which is why investment in high-tech companies is crucial today,” said the Minister.

Minister Andrijanič continued his regional visit at the Bela krajina business incubator, which brings together innovative individuals with specific skills and provides a space for them to gain and exchange experiences and knowledge. In this way, the incubator builds a strong intellectual core that drives economic development.

One of the main activities of the Bela krajina business incubator is to provide training events on digital ICT technologies, including robotics educational events at primary schools, hold workshops and help companies to implement new technologies into their business. The business incubator is committed to making sure that no company is just a number, by understanding their needs and doing everything it can to work together to achieve the set goals.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Andrijanič met with the management of the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto, which provides young people with ICT skills through study programmes in computer science, informatics, data science and information society. He pointed out that ICT skills were key in many areas and that ICT professionals were among the most sought-after in Slovenia. The minister also presented to the faculty’s management the measures taken by the competent government office to increase enrolment and staff in ICT and related interdisciplinary studies.

The minister concluded his visit to the region with a public debate in Novo mesto on the development of South-East Slovenia. 

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