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Foodsmart’s Personalized Marketplace Platform Makes Eating Well Simple and Affordable

PORTLAND, Maine, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Many aging Americans suffer from a chronic disease directly linked to poor nutrition, while many have poor access to quality food. This isn’t news to Martin’s Point Health Care who serves over 58,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Maine and New Hampshire through their Generations Advantage health plan. That’s why they’ve recently partnered with Foodsmart, the personalized telenutrition and foodcare leader, to help their Generations Advantage Medicare plan members sustainably overcome food insecurity and improve their health through higher quality, affordable foods.

(PRNewsfoto/Martin's Point Health Care)(PRNewsfoto/Martin's Point Health Care)

(PRNewsfoto/Martin’s Point Health Care)

Foodsmart combines long-term, registered dietitian counseling with tailored meal-planning tools and the most broadly integrated food marketplace to make eating well simple and affordable. With the largest national network of registered dietitians, the program is designed to support lasting changes to eating behavior, leading to sustainable weight loss and improved health outcomes.

“Aging populations face unique challenges—managing their meals and their medicines to address specific conditions—and food insecurity for this group has worsened due to pandemic-related isolation,” said Dr. David Howes, President and CEO of Martin’s Point. “Adding the Foodsmart program as a free benefit for our Generations Advantage plan members makes nutritious food accessible at lower costs with choices guided by the best dietitians who educate members and drive healthy behaviors.”

Foodsmart features include generating healthy, customized meal plans and grocery lists, and leveraging local grocery price comparisons and discounts to help save on groceries. The program supports those who may face transportation or mobility challenges through online grocery ordering (including for SNAP users) and lower-cost delivery via partners like Walmart and Amazon, and Instacart for local grocers.

“Food is medicine and critical to our health, yet the act of feeding ourselves and our families can be stressful, complicated, and expensive,” said Jason Langheier, MD, MPH, the CEO and Founder of Foodsmart. “Foodsmart takes the guesswork out of quality, affordable food buying in line with specific health needs in an accessible, dignified, and culturally relevant manner.”

“We’re very excited to be able to offer this benefit to support the health of our Generations Advantage members,” added Dr. Howes. “And, as part of our commitment to the health and well-being of our employees, we will also offer many of the Foodsmart program benefits to our Martin’s Point coworkers free of charge so we can all reap the benefits of healthier eating!”

About Foodsmart
Foodsmart is eating well made simple. We are the world’s largest telenutrition and foodcare solution, backed by a national network of Registered Dietitians and designed to yield consistently healthier food choices, lasting behavior change, and long-term results. Foodsmart’s highly personalized, digital platform guides members through a personalized journey to eating well while saving them time and money. Foodsmart seamlessly integrates dietary assessments and nutrition counseling with online food ordering and cost-effective meal planning for the whole family that makes the most of ingredients at home and on the go. With national and regional retail partners in more than 48 states now accepting SNAP/EBT, Foodsmart helps bring healthier food within reach to eligible members and can also assist with SNAP enrollment. Learn more at

About Martin’s Point
Martin’s Point Health Care is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Portland, Maine, providing primary care and Medicare and TRICARE® insurance plans in northern New England, New York, and Pennsylvania. Visit us at



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