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From October 11-14th experts from all over the world will gather together virtually to debate the 12 challenges to increased healthy longevity. The summit aims to develop solutions to these healthspan challenges. Targeting Metabesity 2021 is a unique virtual forum not to be missed. The programme is hosted from Washington DC, in the United States of America.

Targeting Metabesity takes on some of the most critical issues in healthcare today:

  • Focusing on chronic (not just acute) diseases
  • Shifting the spotlight beyond treatment to prevention
  • Going beyond disease-by-disease treatments to prevention of multiple diseases by addressing common root causes
  • Shifting from addressing diseases to extending healthy lifespan—healthspan

The summit will focus on health longevity. It gathers together stellar speakers from multiple disciplines, including science and medicine, behavioral science, government regulation, policy, reimbursement, industry and capital markets, patient advocacy, boomer and senior lifestyle and digital health.

Healthy LongevityKey highlights include

A session with America’s Leading Gerontologist Dr. Ken Dychtwald of PBS interview top geroscience and futurist on “Frailty to Immortality: What is the Future of Aging?”

Top Behavioral Change Experts find real solutions to nutrition and exercise led by renowned Positive Deviance Thought Leader Dr. Monique Sternin.

Healthcare Equity, healthy longevity for all, a dream that can come true. Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall leads it with Dr. Marie Bernard and other thought leaders.

The world’s top geroscientists and clinicians reveal the latest age reversal breakthroughs

Policymakers and politicians in the US, UK, AND Europe discuss HealthspanPolicy and regulation

Who should attend

The concept of healthy longevity at Metabesity 2021 cuts across sectors and disciplines for a multi-pronged approach to one of the most important health issues affecting people in all walks of life.

  • Healthcare – Administrators, clinicians, and patient advocates interested in the prevention and delay of illness and aging
  • Preclinical Research – Scientists involved in metabolic, cancer, dementia, cardiovascular and aging-related research
  • Clinical Research – Investigators and healthcare providers involved in chronic non-communicable disease care and prevention
  • Industry –  Corporate leaders and startups that are developing pharmaceutical, digital health, nutrition, new business models and other approaches to disease prevention and healthy aging
  • Finance – Funders, payers and investors (including capital markets, philanthropies, government and insurers) in disease prevention and healthy aging
  • Policy and Law – Government regulators, policy makers, elected officials, and advisors involved in Healthspan equity and the future of Healthspan
  • Social Justice – Equity groups, social change agents, and philanthropic organizations interested in broadening access to healthy lifespan
  • Strategy – Futurists, epidemiologists, social scientists, economists, bioethicists, and others thinking about how to harness emerging science behind Metabesity for global public health
  • Academia – Instructors, administrators, students, and researchers across all fields of longevity, aging and Healthspan
  • Communications – Journalists and marketing professionals who recognize hot topics and emerging trends
  • The Interested Public

Information on achieving healthy longevity is accessible to all for free

The conveners of this summit, have opened their virtual Kitalys campus for free for all registrants.

Registration is open at

A VIP ticket is also available for those attendees wishing to obtain more detailed insights, copies of the presentations.

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Main photo credit: Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

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