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Humanity – the world’s first-ever app designed to monitor, track, and ultimately slow the aging process – has finally launched, now available at the Apple App Store.

The new app is a health navigation system that empowers its users to monitor their rate of aging and do something about it. The release comes a few weeks after a successful beta trial that saw thousands of participants use the app. They were able to measure key biometrics accurately, and some users were already able to slow their rate of aging, and most users were encouraged to take actions and decisions that positively affect their health. 

Humanity: Improve Your H Score

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Tracking Key Biomarkers Through Your Phone

The Humanity app – now on the Apple App Store – works by tracking biomarkers such as heart rate and movement patterns. It also considers a wide range of lifestyle actions and decisions like sleep, nutrition habits, daily mood, and general wellbeing. After having an assessment, Humanity calculates the user’s “rate of aging” and “biological age,” which is unique to each user. These values are computed based on a series of machine learning algorithms that the developers have validated against real-world outcomes, using data from longitudinal biobanks such as the UK Biobank and the NHANES in the United States.

Next is the app compares user data with those having similar data to offer personalized guidance on what works to slow their rate of aging.

“We made Humanity to be radically inclusive. It is core to our mission to make an app that not only makes people healthier, but is something that almost every person on earth can and wants to use,” says Humanity CEO and Co-Founder Peter Ward. “We are delighted that our first 10,000 Beta users are already proving that Humanity is accomplishing that mission.”

Humanity Co-Founder Michael Geer adds,

“Humanity” is building a health navigation system for us all. We have next-generation navigation for our cars, and finally, with Humanity, we now have it for our health.”

The app has already raised over $5m in investment from 65 leading tech and health investors. Some of its investors include Wise Co-Founder and Skype founding team member Taavet Hinrikus; MyFitnessPal Co-Founder Robin Thompson; Soundcloud Co-Founder and CEO Alexander Ljung; and more.

About Humanity

Pete Ward and Michael Geer teamed up some two years ago to revolutionize health and technology with Humanity. Their company, Humanity Inc, has developed the world’s first digital health application that helps people understand what actions are working to slow or even reverse their aging rates. By tracking key age biomarkers and comparing them against an individual’s daily actions and decisions.

This technology is made possible by machine learning technology that allows the app to offer personalized guidance based on what works on people with roughly the same conditions. Both founders have had successful exits from running consumer subscription businesses that have amassed a billion total users and are now using their expertise towards helping humanity in living longer, healthier lives.

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