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Live at home: it’s The majority of the elderlyHowever, it can slip out of reach, as years of exhaustion complicate daily life.

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But there is an easy way to make it more feasible to stay home for you and your loved ones, says geriatrics experts. Ami Hall, DO.. Many of these tips relate to easy-to-find items that often cost less than $ 50.

Eliminating the risk of falling is the main focus of the to-do list. Falling is a major cause of injury in the elderly, 3 million people From a crowd of over 65 people to the emergency room every year.

Aged Home Renovation Checklist

“Nine out of ten, people want to stay home very old,” Hall says. “It’s where they spent their lives, it’s where they’re more comfortable. With a little planning, it’s often possible.”

Now let’s get down to those items and projects.

Bathroom remodeling to stay at home

Bathrooms tend to be a particularly dangerous part of any home, data According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of injury around bathtubs and toilets increases with age.

Routine bathroom tasks that once didn’t require thought, such as getting up from the bathroom or taking a shower, can suddenly become a challenge over the years. What is the solution for that? Grab bar.

The grab bar helps maintain balance as you enter and exit the tub. This is a movement that involves a slippery surface and requires you to stand on one foot for a while. The grab bar can also provide a stable hold when getting out of the toilet.

Unfortunately, an estimated 42% of people who might benefit from these easy-to-install devices don’t have a device at home. Researcher discovered.. This will be over 5 million Americans over the age of 65.

“People often deny the need for grab bars, or they feel embarrassed and stigmatized,” Hall explains. “But having them is very important.”

Besides the grab bar, here are other easy and low-cost ways to create a safer bathroom.

  • Add a non-slip mat or non-slip sticker to the shower floor.
  • Place the non-slip mat outside the shower and in front of the toilet.
  • Use the transfer bench to get in and out of the bathtub from a sitting position.
  • Use the shower chair during the shower to prevent slipping and tipping.

You can purchase a raised toilet seat to make it easier to get up and sit down. If you are considering a large project, consider installing a comfortable height toilet and adding a few inches high.

Adding eye-level shelves for lotions, toothbrushes, and other toiletries is also a good idea to minimize reaching for cabinets and digging storage areas below.

Lighting changes that age in place

Aging brings Change in your eyes It can cloud your eyesight. What is the solution to that problem? Please shed light on it.

Updating the lights in your house creates a bright room that is easy to navigate. Use bright light bulbs for your equipment. (Caution: Make sure your bulb does not exceed the maximum wattage rating of the light.)

Nightlights are also recommended when walking in a dark house at midnight. You can also add low-cost lights along the stairs to illuminate each step. This is important because the perception of depth often declines with age.

“Everywhere in a busy area, you need to make sure you’re in a bright spot,” Hall said.

Technology to support the elderly

New gadgets on the market help older people live longer at home while providing peace of mind, Hall says. These innovations provide a safety net through what is called “connected independence.”

Smart technology can be used for the following purposes:

  • Deliver daily calendar reminders.
  • Disperse the drug at the set time.
  • After making a meal, turn off the remaining stove.
  • Track movements and activities in the house.
  • Connect socially from a distance.
  • Send an emergency alert.

Other Home Tips for Aging in the Right Place

The hall checklist to make your home a safer long-term life option for the elderly also includes:

  • Removal of floor covering that creates a potential trip risk. “As people get older, they tend not to lift their legs high when walking,” Hall says. “If the surface is raised, it can tip over.”
  • Clean up walkways and stairs for items that can cause trips.
  • Add a grab bar at the top of the stairs. The railing usually ends at the last step, so the grab bar can provide some support at the end of the climb.
  • Keep your favorite items on easy-to-reach shelves so you don’t have to stretch or climb.
  • Bold and bright colors are used to provide better contrast to help reduce vision, especially in areas of high mobility in the home. Similarly, consider using reflective tape to mark the edges of the steps.

Hall recommends that you start making changes before aging demands it. “Don’t wait until you have a problem,” Hall says. “It’s never too early to start creating a safe and long-term living environment.”

Fixing aging in place to help older people – Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

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