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“Women who look their age, who actually represent their age, that have the wrinkles and can move their faces—and not everything is firm—have a lot less representation. And it’s a lot less celebrated,” Porizkova says on The Tamron Hall Show. “Making it look like you’re not aging is what seems to be celebration-worthy.” 


The supermodel created the hashtag #BetweenJLoAndBettyWhite to bring attention to the erasure that women experience after a certain age. Porizkova felt that the beauty standard only allowed space and respect for older women who looked young due to procedures and plastic surgery. Only then “it wasn’t until you got to Betty White, where old people got to be cool again,” she said.

 Paulina PorizkovaBeing one of the few stars who hasn’t undergone plastic surgery or gotten Botox and filler to combat aging. Porizkova shares her makeup- and filter-free images on Instagram to show people that aging isn’t bad or shameful, and it’s certainly not the hospital pass that the media and society make it out to be. 

 “In society’s opinion, I’m losing my beauty. I’m trying my hardest to withstand the barbs of having passed my prime, because, I feel in my prime now! The combination of my learning, maturing, and earning my wrinkles, combined with the way I look, I believe is the best balance I have ever had. I get a fair amount of advice here on what to do to spruce myself up everything from facelifts to changing my hair color. So, sorry all you who can’t see beauty when it differs from preconceived social notions,” Paulina writes in an Instagram caption. 

Despite Porizkova’s emphasis on aging being more on the concept as opposed to the aesthetics. It’s still undeniable that the model looks incredible, and most people would do a double-take regarding her age. In hopes that we can adapt not only her confident approach to aging but also her tactics, let’s take a look at some of Porizkova’s supermodel secrets:

How does Paulina look after her skin?

 Paulina Porizkova agingPorizkova only washes her face once a day, preferring to just roll out of bed in the mornings with the previous night’s oil buildup as an extra layer for underneath her daily moisturizer. She emphasizes the importance of daily SPF and has opted for a less-is-more approach for her makeup products as she has gotten older. Only using a handful of products that contain ingredients that are able to nourish her skin. As with everything else, Porizkova has been extremely open about the skincare procedures and treatments that she undergoes to keep her skin looking her best, with specific reference to laser treatments:

“Everything I do is non-invasive, and it’s incredibly subtle. The treatments that I prefer are the ones where you don’t look like you’ve been mauled by a bear.”

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