Europe moves further toward standardizing USB-C for all devices – Poc Network

Apple has been actively pushing against the popular push toward getting rid of proprietary connections like its Lightning port/cable. A move that will make every mobile device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, speaker, headphones, etc) that requires charging, to make use of USB-C as a standard instead of forcing consumers to invest in a proprietary connection that doesn’t match everything else they have lying around. With the exception of devices that are too small to include such a port.

This movement has taken a step further as the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (Europe) voted 43 to 2 to accept the idea. An idea that will also force manufacturers to properly notify consumers if a device doesn’t come with a charger so there aren’t any surprises when they open the package.

It isn’t set in stone just yet as it still needs to make its way through the bureaucratic chain of approvals throughout the European Union (EU). There are also pushes toward including a standardized approach for wireless charging as well.

If this does get approved, companies like Apple will be forced to switch to USB-C and drop proprietary charging formats. Allowing you to use the same cable (USB-C) with all of your devices. At least, devices that come out “after” the new rules are put into motion.

This won’t apply the same requirements to the rest of the world, such as here in the US. However, it’s unlikely that companies would include different connections in different countries as it would drive up both production costs and time. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but the chances are pretty high that they would want to keep things consistent to streamline both manufacturing and compatibility across the board.

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