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YouTube channels

YouTube channels on data science.

YouTube is a great platform whenever there is something to learn from basics to advanced level. A lot can be learned about data science by following YouTube channels and here are the top YouTube channels on data science that one should follow.

StatQuest With John Starmer

StatQuest channel was started by Joshua Starmer to explain the statistics to his former colleagues. The channel has 328K subscribers. This is one of the best channels for learning data science. It instructs you to be smarter and understand statistics and machine learning. The creator has removed terminology and illustrated the concepts with images.

Corey Schafer

The YouTuber has over 44 million views. The channel covers topics for different skill levels. If you are a beginner or have several years of experience, it will have something for you. The channel covers topics including Python, Git, terminal commands, SQL, programming word, computer science foundations, and JavaScript.


This channel has almost 1000 videos and text-based tutorials. It offers some of the best programming language material for Python. The creator has developed tutorials for machine learning, deep analysis, facial recognition, and improving education for aspiring data scientists. Sentdex covers various Python topics such as web development, data analysis, robotics, game production, ML, and finance.


This is an open-source community of hectic learners. The channel was started by Quincy Larson, who has created thousands of engaging coding tutorials and videos. There are thousands of freeCodeCamp study groups worldwide. The channel has 2.44 million subscribers.

Krish Naik

The lead data scientist, Krish Naik joined YouTube on February 11, 2012. So far, the channel has gained 227,000 subscribers and more than 10 lakh views. The channel covers various topics related to AI, ML,YouTube channels can be very useful to learn something and data science is one of the subjects that we can find a lot of information on with the help of YouTube. Here are top YouTube channels to follow to know more about data science. and deep learning.

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